History of Chikuyotei

Chikuyotei has been associated with various cultural figures.
At Tokyo Chikuyotei, their works are seasonally decorated to entertain the eyes of customers.

Kitaoji Rozanjin and Chikuyotei

Rosanjin, the pursuer of beauty and food with his unique aesthetic sense,
left many works such as calligraphy, seal engraving, and pottery.
He brought his work as a souvenir on his occasional visit to Chikuyotei.
At Tokyo Chikuyotei, descended from the original Chikuyotei,
there are still a number of pottery and seal-engraved works by Rosanjin.

Kawakita Handeishi and Chikuyotei

Handeishi was born into a wealthy merchant family in Mie Prefecture.
Having had immersed himself in making pottery, he left unique works such as matcha tea bowls.
Many art works from the Hironaga kiln, where Handeishi used to make pottery,
are daily used to enhance the taste of seasonal dishes at Tokyo Chikuyotei.

Potters and Chikuyotei

Tetsujiro Beppu, the 3rd owner, expanded Chikuyotei into the Kansai region.
He was also famous as a collector of antique art, and many artists visited Chikuyotei.
Amongst them are Kei Fujiwara of Bizen ware and Bernard Leach, the English potter.
Their precious works are still being kept at Tokyo Chikuyotei.