Cuisine at Chikuyotei

We offer eel dishes using our renowned Edomae eel and special kaiseki cuisine, traditional Japanese course,
in addition to a wide selection of a la carte menu.

Eel Specialities

Chikuyotei's eel is steamed once, then dipped in sauce three times before being grilled to perfection with the taste of the special sauce that spreads in your mouth.

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Seasonal Kaiseki course and Lunch Bento Box

At Tokyo Chikuyotei, menu and its materials as well as tableware are changed every month to enhance the seasonal touch.

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à la carte menu

Not only eel dishes and Kaiseki courses, we also offer a wide selection of seasonal dishes.
Please enjoy superb dishes that are perfect for family gathering, business meeting, etc.

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Delivery and Takeout

Takeout and delivery service are available. Enjoy the taste of Chikuyatei at home or at business meetings, etc.

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For reservations or enquiry, please refer to each restaurant page.